domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013

They say that the show must go on...

I haven't updated recently, no because I had nothing to post  or enough inspiration, but because a lot of things have changed in my own little world. 

Actually this is a personal post, not really related to fashion or anything, just about me, and that's what this blog is about: My perspective of fashion and life.

I have lost someone really important in my life, someone who I thought I couldn't make without, someone who has always been beside me, who has always pushed me to do what I love no matter what stupid people thought about it, someone who has believed in me, someone with who I share 90% of my memories since I was born, someone who I will never be able to forget.
Someone irreaplaceable.

No matter what anyone tells me, I can't forget him, I don't want to forget him, I won't forget him.
He's in my thoughts since I wake up, until I go to bed.
It's already been almost 4 weeks since he passed away, but for me it's like if he's in a travel and could come back at anytime. 

I cannot compare this endless angry-sad feeling to any other I've felt, but all I can do is smile and keep going.
'Cause they all say that the show must go on...

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